The high-performance Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar Ref. 5261R-001 stands out with its unique design and advanced technology. This watch uses a 39.9 mm diameter case, is equipped with a new 26-330 S QA LU self-winding movement, is equipped with a 21K gold central automatic disk, and is equipped with an annual calendar device with a moon phase display.
The watch’s calendar display is innovative and presents the annual calendar device in reverse, making it unique among Patek Philippe timepieces equipped with an annual calendar display. The date and moon phase windows are set at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock respectively, while the auxiliary dials for the day and month are located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. This design not only facilitates quick reading of time, but also adds unique charm to the watch.
The moon phase display is particularly accurate on the Aquanaut Luce annual calendar watch, which only deviates from the actual lunar cycle by one day every 122 years. This high degree of accuracy demonstrates Patek Philippe’s pursuit of excellence in watchmaking craftsmanship, making the watch a treasure sought after by watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts. The Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar Watch Ref. 5261R-001, with its unique appearance and exquisite mechanical design, has become an outstanding interpretation of Patek Philippe’s tradition of excellence.

The 26-330 S QA LU movement is based on the 26-330 movement. The movement made its debut in 2019 and was initially installed in the Calatrava weekly calendar watch Ref. 5212A-001. It has been infused with a number of innovative technologies and optimization functions to ensure excellent performance and reliable quality. Among them, the patented anti-backlash wheel is an important innovation, used to suppress the vibration of the second hand; in addition, the application of the patented clutch wheel improves the efficiency of the automatic winding device and extends its service life.
This movement also introduces a “stop seconds” function. By pulling the crown to the manual adjustment position, the balance wheel can be paused to ensure that the time adjustment is accurate to the second. When the wearer pushes the crown back into place, this device provides a slight power to the balance wheel, restarting the movement of the movement.
With its advanced technology and innovative functions, the 26-330 S QA LU movement provides reliable power support for the Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar Watch Ref. 5261R-001, further highlighting Patek Philippe’s excellent craftsmanship in the field of mechanical watchmaking.

The Aquanaut Luce women’s watch series debuted in 2004 and is a new interpretation of the Aquanaut series launched in 1997. Since its inception, this series has been committed to launching ingenious timepiece masterpieces, injecting new vitality into the field of watches.
Among them, the stainless steel watches Ref. 5267/200A-001, Ref. 5267/200A-010 and Ref. 5267/200A-011 equipped with quartz movements are one of the highlights of the Aquanaut Luce series, offering a variety of dial colors and same-color series. The choice of watch straps provides women with more fashion matching possibilities. In addition, the rose gold self-winding watch Ref. 5268/200R-010 is equipped with a taupe dial and an integrated connecting strap, showing a unique design charm.
The Aquanaut Luce series not only focuses on fashion, but also makes breakthroughs in the field of high-end jewelry watches. Ref. 5062/450R-001 adopts superb jewelry inlay technology, showing excellent craftsmanship and luxurious design. The Ref. 5072R-001 is set with baguette diamonds on the bezel and paired with a two-color engraved mother-of-pearl dial, providing women with a more noble and elegant choice.
The Aquanaut Luce women’s watch series has successfully broken the traditional women’s watch design framework through continuous innovation in design and outstanding watchmaking technology, providing women with more diversified and personalized choices. With its exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, this series has become a shining pearl in the Patek Philippe watch series.

For more than ten years, Patek Philippe has been committed to creating practical watches equipped with complex functions and suitable for daily needs for the Aquanaut Luce series, and continues to enrich women’s timepieces with a “casual elegance” style. Patek Philippe has launched the Aquanaut Luce travel time dual time zone watch Ref. 5269/200R-001 and the Aquanaut Luce “Rainbow” self-winding chronograph watch Ref. 7968/300R-001 in 2021 and 2022, and now it once again presents the new Aquanaut Luce The annual calendar watch Ref. 5261R-001 is specially equipped with Patek Philippe’s patented annual calendar device invented in 1996, which can completely display the day of the week, date and month, and only needs to be adjusted once a year at the end of February.

The Aquanaut series 5261R-001 watch has attracted much attention for its unique design and dial charm. The rose gold case and bezel adopt the iconic arc-shaped octagonal shape, combining polishing and satin processing, showing a unique sense of fashion. The gray-blue dial and strap inject a fresh “casual elegance” style into the whole.
This exquisite shade first appeared in the Aquanaut Luce stainless steel model Ref. 5067A-025 released in 2018-2019, and achieved great popularity among female watch enthusiasts. The Aquanaut embossed pattern on the dial complements the rose gold three-dimensional Arabic numerals and baton-style hands, all covered with white fluorescent coating, making the time reading clearer.
The watch uses a one-piece composite strap, which is not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also has excellent wear resistance and can effectively resist the effects of seawater corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. The strap is also embellished with Aquanaut patterns, which complement the decoration of the dial. At the same time, the watch is equipped with Patek Philippe’s patented folding clasp, which is firmly fixed by four independent locks, providing a safer and more reliable wearing experience.
Through its unique dial design and exquisite watchmaking technology, the Aquanaut series 5261R-001 watch has successfully created a fashionable, comfortable and highly personalized charm, becoming an indispensable choice for watch collectors and fashionable women.

Technical specifications
Ref. 5261R-001 Aquanaut Luce Annual Calendar Watch

Movement: 26-330 S QA LU movement
Self-winding mechanical movement, annual calendar, aperture date display, pointer day and month
Moon phases
Diameter: 30 mm (basic movement 27 mm, additional annual calendar with moon phase display 30 mm)
Thickness: 5.32 mm (basic movement 3.32 mm, additional annual calendar with moon phase display 2 mm)
Number of parts: 319
Number of gems: 34
Power reserve: Minimum 35 hours – Maximum 45 hours
Winding oscillating weight: 21K gold central rotor, unidirectional winding
Frequency: 28,800 half-oscillations per hour (4 Hz)
Balance wheel: Gyromax®
Balance spring: Spiromax® (made of Silinvar®)
Balance spring rivet: adjustable
Crown functions: Two-position crown:
• Home position: manual winding
• Pull out: pauses second hand and sets time
Display: Pointer:
• Center hour, minute and second hands
• Day of the week display at 3 o’clock
• Month display at 9 o’clock
• Date display at 6 o’clock
• Moon phase display at 12 o’clock
Correction: • Push-pin at 2 o’clock for moon phase correction
• Push pin at 4 o’clock for day of the week adjustment
• Push pin at 8 o’clock for month adjustment
• Push pin at 10 o’clock for date adjustment
Seal of quality: Patek Philippe Seal

Part characteristics
Case: 18K rose gold
Sapphire crystal case back
Waterproof coefficient up to 30 meters
Case dimensions: Diameter (10 to 4 o’clock): 39.9 mm
Width (3 to 9 o’clock, including crown): 42.02 mm
Length (lug-to-lug): 47.35mm
Thickness (from crystal to case back): 10.94 mm
Total thickness: 11.76mm
Lug distance: 21mm
Dial: Grey-blue with Aquanaut embossed pattern
• 18K rose gold three-dimensional Arabic numerals with white fluorescent coating
• 18K rose gold baton hour and minute hands with white luminescent coating
• 18K white gold baton day and month hands with white luminescent coating
• Pfinodal alloy second hand with white luminescent coating
Strap: Grey-blue, composite waterproof material, highly wear-resistant, able to withstand UV radiation, decorated with Aquanaut embossed pattern, which complements the dial decoration.
It uses Patek Philippe’s patented folding clasp in 18K rose gold and is secured with four independent locks.

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