In the year 2024, Rolex has once again showcased its remarkable expertise in watchmaking and its unwavering commitment to excellence by introducing the latest Daytona series of watches. The release of this watch collection serves as a profound tribute to the centennial celebration of the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, while upholding Rolex’s legacy of tradition and innovation in the watchmaking realm.

The design of the new Daytona watch draws inspiration from the excitement and legendary history of the Le Mans track, seamlessly incorporating Rolex’s distinctive technical innovations and unique style. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the watch case exhibits a captivating texture achieved through meticulous polishing techniques. The dial exudes simplicity and elegance, highlighting the brand’s timeless classic elements, all while infusing dynamic racing-inspired lines, resulting in a sophisticated and modern overall aesthetic.

The new watch features an 18K white gold construction, complemented by a black Cerachrom ceramic outer ring. The outer ring’s edge is adorned with a delicate border also made of 18K white gold. Notably, the red ceramic number “100” on the speedometer’s outer ring commemorates the 100th anniversary of this iconic event. Multiple chronograph dials grace the watch face, drawing inspiration from Rolex’s traditional dial designs. The Oyster case, complete with a transparent case back, is paired with an Oyster strap, adding to the watch’s allure.

This distinctive timepiece is powered by the caliber 4132, an enhanced version of the 4131 movement. Breaking away from traditional 12-hour timing mechanisms, this movement allows for continuous timing for up to 24 hours. The caliber 4132 boasts a Chronergy escapement and Paraflex cushioning, incorporating novel finishes and decorations, such as Rolex Côtes de Genève on the bridges, to reinterpret classic watchmaking aesthetics. The 18K gold skeletonized automatic rotor, featuring improved ball bearings, adds a touch of luxury and precision to this exceptional timekeeping piece.

Matches excellent speed

This classic watch was launched in 1963 and was specially designed to cater to the needs of professional racing drivers. The Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with a tachymeter outer ring and a high-performance mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Rolex itself, making this legendary chronograph an ideal speedometer that can accurately measure a specific distance traveled within a specific time. the average speed. Thanks to its reliable and outstanding performance, the Cosmograph Daytona has achieved legendary status in the racing world. Even after sixty years of innovation, this watch still ranks first in the field of sports timepieces.

Utilize high-tech ceramics

Rolex has repeatedly pioneered the development of ceramic technology. With its superb technology, it has developed an integrated ceramic outer ring and ceramic word ring. This material is not only scratch-resistant but also less susceptible to environmental influences. The high-tech ceramic word ring is made of special chemicals and is extremely difficult to corrode. After years of painstaking research and development, Rolex has developed a unique set of professional knowledge and innovative equipment and production processes, so it can produce ceramic components completely independently.

The new Cosmograph Daytona features a black Cerachrom ceramic bezel. Except for the number 100 marked in red, the molded scale and numbers on the tachometer are coated with a thin layer of platinum using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology.

Oyster waterproof case

This new Cosmograph Daytona has an Oyster case with a diameter of 40 mm, ensuring a water resistance of 100 meters (330 feet), making it a model of solid reliability. The middle case is made of a solid piece of 18K white gold, demonstrating excellent quality. The watch is equipped with a transparent sapphire crystal case back, which has been treated with anti-reflective coating. Through the back cover, the exquisite decoration of the movement and the elegant rotation of the automatic rotor can be clearly seen. Rolex watchmakers use special tools exclusive to the brand to fasten the finely grooved case back to ensure the case is completely sealed, so only Rolex’s professional watchmakers can access the movement.

The watch’s three-buckle winding crown is equipped with a triple waterproof system, which is fastened to the case like the chronograph button. The crown shoulder guard is cleverly integrated with the middle case to provide additional protection for the winding crown. The mirror is made of anti-reflective blue crystal, which is extremely wear-resistant. The waterproof Oyster case of this watch provides the best protection for the movement, demonstrating Rolex’s excellence in craftsmanship and design.

Perpetual movement caliber 4132

The new Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with the 4132 movement. This chronograph movement is completely developed and manufactured by Rolex. It is an upgraded version of the 4131 movement released this spring. This self-winding mechanical movement embodies Rolex’s excellent technology and excels in many aspects such as accuracy and reliability, power reserve and ease of use. The structure of the movement has been greatly improved, greatly simplifying the number of components, thus improving the reliability of the movement. The chronograph movement is equipped with a solid column wheel and a vertical chronograph clutch wheel device, which can achieve instant start and ensure the accuracy of timing. The splints of the 4132 movement are decorated with Rolex Côtes de Genève patterns, and are dotted with micro-polished pits between adjacent patterns, presenting a unique and unique design that is different from traditional Côtes de Genève patterns.

The 4132 caliber drives the watch’s chronograph function to be displayed through a 24-hour mechanism, a technical feature that is the first of its kind in a Rolex watch. In addition, the movement is equipped with Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement system, which is efficient and reliable. The Chronergy escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus alloy and is immune to interference from high-intensity magnetic fields. The movement is also equipped with a blue Parachrom hairspring, made of Rolex’s unique paramagnetic alloy. Even under temperature changes, the hairspring remains very stable and has excellent shock resistance. The hairspring is also equipped with a Rolex final ring to ensure that the movement can maintain regular operation in any position. The movement’s hairspring balance assembly is equipped with a high-performance Paraflex cushioning device designed and patented by Rolex to improve the movement’s shock resistance. The automatic rotor is equipped with improved ball bearings.

The 4132 movement is also equipped with a perpetual motion automatic winding system, which provides power to the movement through a perpetual motion rotor. The structure of the barrel, combined with the exceptional efficiency of the escapement system, gives Caliber 4132 a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. The powerful performance of this movement marks Rolex’s unremitting pursuit of technological innovation and sets a new benchmark for the watch industry.

Innovative device

On the new Cosmograph Daytona watch, the chronograph function hours are different from the 12 hours commonly used in this watch, but are displayed on a 24-hour scale – this feature is due to a new patented device in the movement. The device consists of 7 parts and acts like a differential redesigned by Rolex. This gear reduction system, known technically as a planetary reducer, halves the rotational speed of the gear train used to turn the 24-hour hand. Its appearance is very compact and can be easily integrated without any adjustments to the movement structure. It is a strong proof of Rolex’s superior engineering technology. In fact, this device only replaces the transmission wheel and its operation has no impact on the performance of the 4132 movement.

Oyster strap and Oyster safety clasp

The new Cosmograph Daytona comes with an Oyster bracelet. The three-link Oyster strap, launched in the late 1930s, is strong and reliable and is the most popular strap for Oyster Perpetual watches. The Oyster strap of this new watch is equipped with a folding Oyster safety clasp to prevent the buckle from opening accidentally. The Oyster strap is equipped with an easy-adjustable link extension system developed by Rolex. The wearer can easily extend the strap by about 5 mm. The strap links are equipped with Rolex-designed and patented embedded ceramic components, which are more flexible and durable.

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